A mysterious letter has just arrived...

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Hello residents of Eldorado!

A new adventure awaits us, and I can say that, really... it's an adventure to get your hands dirty.

Our dear Úrsula has just received a letter from her Grandmother and some stranger things have just happened…

Apparently the fertile fields on Úrsula's grandparents' farm turned into the purest ice after all the sudden snow that fell in Eldorado and this killed all the plants... But with the recent melting of the snow, Úrsula went to do a deep investigation in the fields and After much study (and some dead plants), the conclusion was reached that the soil thawed and became land with special properties?...

It turns out that, after the cold front (caused by excess magic cast in Eldorado), this snow that formed contained magical properties and now with its melting, the ground absorbed all this melted snow (better known also as - water) and TA DA! Each and every soil in Eldorado is ultra fertile and magical...

Ursula still needs a little time to analyze and investigate more about all the items left by her grandparents... But just by looking superficially, we can tell that some things are going to be EXTRA BIG!

See you soon with more information about.

Sincerely, Eldorado City Hall.


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