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Sanctuary Seven becomes the main attraction of the city!

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Founded in 26-05-2024, in the category of Money, Sanctuary Seven has the following Sims as owner and roommates:

Kurt Cobain -

Stevie -

Red Hot - <<<<<<<

ICU - ICU yes I do

Polly Paradise - Yeah, paradise, yeah It's somewhere that I never been before I just wanna be there when I wake up people always tell me that I sound like paradisemouse probably because I was

Seven -

Gobbledegook - Whatever?! It's all gobbledegook to me!

Lostangel - Lost again Ive got my Sons with me Justin and Jax , and my bestest friend. I also have my own LostBear

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Quero eleicao!

Cade nosso prefeito? aonde que esta voce? . Published on 07-03-2024 by Lele.

Festa da Prefeitura

Olá, moradores! Sei que havíamos uma festa prevista na prefeitura para o dia 17/02, porém devido a vários moradores estarem indisponíveis neste dia, adiaremos a inauguração da prefeitura de Belavista para sexta-feira, 19/01/2024, às 22:00, horário de Brasília. Obrigado pela compreensão!. Published on 01-17-2024 by Cailler.

A verdade vira a tona

Boatos que a prefeita ursula está preparando uma bomba radioativa q vai mudar o céus e as casas,oq vem por ai? eu tenho medo . Published on 01-16-2024 by Clone Henrique.

64 Mysencia Way

Hey everyone :D 64 Mysencia Way, the service lot, is open for business! Visit us for all of your whiting needs :) . Published on 06-17-2024 by Leyland Silencia.

Festa de Inauguração!

Após muito trabalho, a Prefeitura Midnight está finalmente pronta para receber vocês, moradores de toda a cidade. Por meio deste comunicado, convido-os para a festa de inauguração, para celebrarmos juntos. Espero encontrar todos hoje às 20h30, horário de Brasília.. Published on 01-30-2024 by BellaMissy.

A Magia em Vilarejo Mistério

Adultos estão virando animais da noite pro dia tome cuidado. Published on 01-17-2024 by henrique.

President Ursula The Bear releases new data from the Eldorado CENSUS!

Currently, Eldorado has 3014 inhabitants, with 1445 men and 1569 women. Of the general population, 2045 are white, 807 are mixed-race, and 162 are black.
It seems the current ghost rate is only 5 Sims (result of the robot factory?)

As for the unemployment rate, Mama Ursula assured us that only 2642 Sims are unemployed! Now among the Sims with their employment status in order, 135 work at the Factory, 151 at the Restaurant, and 40 at the Nightclub (by far the least popular job, its almost an insult to step into these unhealthy clubs!)

Now, talking about money, the city's total wealth is an incredible §1584534040!

In the real estate market, brokers report that 1110 lots have been sold!
So we have an excellent number of 1106 Sims homeowners with a roof over their heads, 1970 roommates living on someone else's roof (or not), but unfortunately, not everything is sunshine, Mama Ursula couldn't prevent -62 Sims from being completely homeless, abandoned to their own fate...

As for the Commerce Department, things are very exciting; they reported the sales of 471472 objects throughout Eldorado! (that's a lot of tax being collected for Ursula).